Nitro: Chocolate Lab, 11. Nitro does body recovery and explosives detection. He checked the Ole Miss football stadium before each home game from 9-11 through the end of the 2008 season. Nitro has been successful on many land and water body recovery cases.

He also has participated in hundreds of public relations events promoting safety and educating children and adults in how to be prepared for a missing family member.

Nitro has done pet therapy at area nursing homes for 10 years.
Cheyenne: Black and Tan Bloodhound, 10. Cheyenne is a mantrailing hunter. Cheyenne has located missing children and adults. She has worked several murder scenes providing critical information to law enforcement.

Cheyenne is not a cadaver dog, but she has located a drug overdose case and two drowning victims by working the trail the victims walked.

Cheyenne has been doing pet therapy at area nursing homes all her life. She started as a 12 week old puppy.
Shiloh: Chocolate Lab, 10. Shiloh does body recovery and weapons detection. Shiloh has located drowning victim in up to 28 ft of water as well as bodies on dry land.
Maggie: Yellow Lab, 7. Maggie is a yellow lab. She does mantrailing and is cross training for body recovery.
Gunner: Chocolate Lab, 11 months. Gunner is training for body recovery and will go to school for gun detection and evidence search. At 4½ months old Gunner went to his first seminar and was indicating on bones in water 50 ft. deep. Gunner has participated in 6 body recovery searches with the team.

Gunner has participated in public relations events with the team since he was 6 weeks old. He started with United Way campaign events.
Tawny: Liver and Tan Bloodhound, 11. Tawny was involuntarily retired in 2009. In Feb she broke her left front leg. It would not heal which lead to the discovery that she had bone cancer. The leg was amputated in May and she has been cancer free since the recovery from her surgery. In her career Tawny located missing people and located a drowning victim working in a boat.
Seeker: Black and Tan Bloodhound, 1. Seeker is a new dog on our team. He and his handler are doing very well in mantrailing. His handler says he already knows more than she does.
Ivan: Caucasian Ovcharka, 2½. Ivan is the only one of his breed actively working as a SAR dog that we know of. The breed originated in the Caucasus Mountains in Southeast Europe as a flock guardian. Our first Caucasian was to protect our Bloodhounds, before we brought him home we decided that if he would do the work he would be a SAR dog. Hawk was a very good SAR dog, Ivan carries on the tradition, doing mantrailing.

Ivan has been doing pet therapy at area nursing homes since he was about 3 months old.